Can anyone request Little Obie to be at an event?

Little Obie is not restricted to only CN employees, however priority is given to events in proximity to CN’s network (See map).

What type of events does Little Obie appear at?

Little Obie appears at events where there are families and children participating. Some events that Little Obie has appeared at include Family Days, Corporate Events, Community Events, Christmas Parades, Canada Celebrations, Safety Days, as well as many others.

How can I request Little Obie at an event?

Please submit your request online using our online request form.

How long in advance of the event must I submit my request for Little Obie?

All requests for Little Obie must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event in question. The event must also be in the same calendar year as the time of your request.

How/When will I know if my request has been accepted?

A representative at CN will contact you after your application has been reviewed to advise whether Little Obie will make an appearance at your event. Please note that Little Obie’s availability is subject to change at any time, you will be notified of said changes should they occur.

Are there any height requirements to ride Little Obie?

There are no height requirements to ride Little Obie.

Who will be operating the train?

CN mechanical operators will be at the event in order to operate the train.

How long will Little Obie’s visit be?

The length of Little Obie’s visit will depend on the approved amount for your demand. You will be told upon approval of your request how long the train will be at the event.

How large is Little Obie?

The overall length of Obie and cars is 43′ 5″. The highest point is 7′ 3″ and the width is 6′ 3″.

How can I promote Rail Safety?

Please use the following link for tips on how to promote Railway Safety in your community :